Company history


A Click On Informatika two software divisions decouple and the owners found independent software companies.

Click On Hungary deals with document management and workflow, customer service and CRM solutions. The primal product is xFLOWer and parallel with the development we are focusing on our new business units, like consultancy, R&D and IT analisys.


New business modell that helps to find customers inthe Small and Medium Business market. This means a brand new strategy and a major cahnge regarding the products. We offer ready-to-use software modules from the Cloud (SaaS)


Step into the non-Hungarian TELCO, Insurance and Consumer market. Fruitful contracts with Austrian, Czech, Luxembourg, Rumanian, and Slovak companies.


Hungarian and multi-national companies use the Click On softwares in different areas.

Millions get into connection to our softwares thru different companies in the financial, consumer and supply chain market. The end users create and store more than 100 Million business case, documents, e-mails, invoices, SMS per year. The software soultions support the decision making and aprroval processes.


Change in company: Click On Informatikai Kft.

New products:
* DMS, Workflow, Customer Sevices, CRM


Click On Bt. founded as a Hungarian  indepndent software company.

Focus: IT subcontractor of Major IT companies, Customer Services