Enterprises run their business along proper workflows that answer the descriptions, rules and law. We have an IT based tool set that gives huge support and this is a key to the success. Do you know exactly what your colleagues are working on momently? What are their open tasks? What tasks are in your company’s basket? What sould be the next steps?


Our xFLOWer solution will arrange all of your company's documents: you will know all letters and e-mails that were sent or received, irrespectively of the colleague in charge. E-mail, letter, SMS, or photo, all of them has to have a responsible person and you will know, who is it, and what is the topic. Visible tasks and deadlines. The recurring letters and e-mails can be produced automatically by document templates and they will be stored in virtual folders... Do you wnat to have an organisation based on this? Please read the deatils!

Process Automation

Approximately 34,5% of all operational processes can be automated, providing return on investment in 6 - 12 months!


Do you want to decrease the paper consumption in your office? Do your colleagues work parallel on the same task? Don't you find anything immediately? Don't you see your colleagues' tasks and you arrange unnecessary meetings? Do you receive more and more e-mails with the same subject? Is it hard to collect the relevant information? Dou you want to spend less time with travels? Too much Excel? Are you dealing with the same tasks day by day, without automatization? Do you store your business data on servers and you have to spend on support? We can change it! Simplfy your business with xFLOWer Cloud!

More than 10 000 concurrent users

More than 10000 users run about 1600 - self defined - process types and performs their daily tasks in the system, running about 23 million processes per year, while managing about 9,5 million documents at the same time.

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

In our understanding CRM is not just a tool that handles the relationship with the existing customers. CRM for us is much more. Our xFLOWer CRM gives a comprehensive solution for your company. It is not only a status follow up, but xFLOWer CRM can manage the whole workflow from the quotation thru the complaint handling until filing the relevant documentation, incl. e-mails and other documents

Solutions from the cloudWithout IT investment

As cloud solutions today are able to replace on-premise software, it is much more effective to manage business processes in the cloud, instead of spending on hardware and software.

Flexible Technology Solution

xFLOWer Platform enables comprehensive business process management and automation while keeping existing business softwares, owing to its integration abilities.

More than 10 000 users

Did you know that our xFLOWer soulition give help more than 10 000 users on a daily basis?

More than 100 Million business case

Did you know that our Customers run more than 100 Million different business case on xFLOWer in every year?

10 Billion business case / history

xFLOWer stores the bsuiness cases and documents for years. Our customers keeps the archived cases and documents for 10-12 years, so the accumulated amount is more than 10 Billion that we are currently handling.

Automate your business processes with xFLOWer Cloud
without software setup or hardware investment!

xFLOWer Cloud is a modular, cloud based workflow and task management system for various business purposes. By harnessing its refined process management capabilities, most operative processes can be automated by using the system; hence operative expenses and workload can be decreased. Uniquely in its market xFLOWer offers interoperability with already implemented enterprises software systems, so no need to change existing systems in order to resolve process management and automation. xFLOWer has been continuously developed in the past 15 years, and development continues. Reliability of the system is best characterized by the sizes, activities and numbers of its users as since its first version, xFLOWer was implemented at various large, determinative enterprises Europe - wide and used since years with high satisfaction for process management and automation. Based on this experience, xFLOWer Cloud has been developed in order to provide a time - proof and accessible solution for small and medium enterprises to manage and automate their business processes. Our additional services - as training, support and consulting - provide comprehensive understanding of system usage, furthermore, we provide business process management and automation trainings so new processes can be defined and implemented by users in xFLOWer Cloud without further expenses.


Cloud based technology enables the usage enterprise level solutions for a monthly fee, thus saving high upfront costs and large initial investment for software and hardware. This flexible, timeproof solution provides full mobility by providing online access to company data, processes and real time monitoring of operational events. Therefore, this system provides access and insight to business leaders regarding all important issues going on at the company.

connect your softwares
Complete your existing systems

Why replace already purchased dedicated software products when introducing a process management system? Contrary to common workflow solutions, xFLOWer is able to interface and integrate with existing business softwares and manage all processes by accessing existing dedicated databases.

Create your own applications
Without programming or waiting

xFLOWer Platform provides interoperability with existing softwares and databases, hence being able to manage processes which overarch departments and use many different data sources in a single, unified framework, thus providing comprehensive process management and automatization for the whole enterprise.